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Why Vegan?

UhManda Cosmetics are advocates for pure and true beauty. Our mission to our clients is to open up a world where beauty can be safe  and healthy, thus we specialize in only natural luxury vegan ingredients. Why Vegan? Certainly you do not have to be vegan to purchase vegan products. With that being said, choosing to use vegan products are actually a healthier alternative for your skin and body.  Research shows that the skin absorbs up to 60% of anything applied on it. For that reason we only sell vegan products that are formulated with no hidden harmful chemicals, parabens or toxins as well as our products are gluten and cruelty free. Most importantly  our  products are made with  vitamins A, C, and  E, alone with the purist natural oils such as  vegan shea butter, organic avocado and olive oils just to name a few.  All in all when purchasing vegan products our clients will get so many substantial benefits.  Benefits that will help  combat problem skin such as dry skin, eczemas and acne. Those reasons alone is why UhManda Cosmetics's number one priority is to help or clients obtain the best quality  vegan products possible.

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